Pneumatic Strapping Tools

XQD-19 Pneumatic Strapping Tool

Pneumatic Plastic Strapping Tool is for 19mm or 25mm for option.

Technology imported from Switzerland,XQD-19 and XQD-25 PET Pneumatic packing tool adopts high prressure air supplyu to tension and friction welding. The strapping tool carry tension,seal and cut off, finish the work at ont time. Widely used in pallets,bricks,stones,marble and tiles packing and transportation.

Model width and thickness Average air pressure Tool dimension Max.tension force Net Weight
XQD-19 19x1.0mm 0.65MPa 280x160x180mm 259kgs 3.8kgs
XQD-25 25x1.2mm 0.65MPa 280x160x180mm 295kgs 3.8kgs